Food is love

A culinary genius takes us through a menu of memories

This evening we tasted the amazing talents of Carlos Mojica at Guiso Latin Fusion. Carlos is such a kind soul who truly wanted to make sure that we felt like we were at home in his restaurant and make sure the food was delicious.

Christian and I were wandering around looking for a place to eat (pro tip: make reservations when you’re visiting!). We popped by Guiso and luckily they had a last minute cancellation.

As we sat on a bench looking super hungry, we were greeted by a waitress who told us stories of the restaurant and some recommendations. As it turns out, she’s Carlos’ fiancée!

After being seated, we ended up ordering four or five things on the menu. The various dishes on their way to other tables looked so good that we couldn’t just choose one each.

When Christian took a bite of the cubano sliders, I asked him how they tasted. “Tracy. Tracy... just shut up and take a bite,” he said. I did. My god. It melts in your mouth. Everything is handmade: the brioche bun, the pickles inside, the slow marinated and roasted shredded pork… I could go on. When we were shown the dessert menu, neither of us thought we could eat another bite. But when something is described to you as creme brûlée but chocolate, how do you say no? And as soon as we took a bite, we found our legendary dessert stomachs.

Carlos came out afterwards to ask how the meal was.  We chatted with him about how he started this restaurant and how his passions have led him here, how his childhood memories inform each dish that he creates. He was SO kind and even offered that next time we came in he would make some new dishes and bring a bottle of wine over to pair it with simply because he wanted our opinion. All of this was just out of the kindness of his heart and love of sharing. We told him what we were in.