Inside the artist’s studio

Lessons on being present in the moment

We drive up to a small, discreet home a few blocks from the center of town. Its front yard is bustling with landscaped wildflowers. Jessica waves at us from an open kitchen window and tells us to meet her in the studio.

Jessica is a contemporary artist who moved to Healdsburg and has since become an integral member of its community. She works closely with others to create a multitude of platforms to empower the Latinx citizens of Healdsburg. Her studio is a humble and beautifully lit space that comforts and relaxes. We sit and discuss her newest projects- the light and cloud installation she is working on for Christmas festivities and her prep for the Dia de Los Muertos.

We spend an afternoon chatting, warmed by the sun. She gives us a tour of her backyard. Every turn here reveals a secret garden. We stumble into an a-frame woodshed that happens to be her husband’s woodshop. He stands there, lit by a single sunray, in a room brimming with projects in various stages of completion. In front of him is a custom lamp; he is in the middle of sanding. He pauses to wave, and dust particles hover in the air, silhouetted by the late afternoon sun.

We wave- a brief hello and goodbye. We thank Jessica for her time and wander back into the city center, feeling like, for a moment, we were able to put everything aside, sit and be present.