Life Pieces

Where a purchase is not just a sale, it’s a personality match.

X marks the spot. Search here for unknown treasures. Dovetail Collection’s collection is cared for by a trio of incredible women. When I took my time to peruse and let my eyes wander, I found a curved wooden flower planter that soothed me. Dovetail Collection feels a little like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter – whatever I subconsciously desire will magically appear in front of me. Each piece has a story, face, or inspiration behind it, and our lovely guardians of these treasures, Patrice, Luster and Diane pass along their stories.


“Like fine art, each piece of handmade functional art is also a unique creation. Designs may be repeated, but they will never be identical. Sometimes a piece will sell quickly and sometimes it will take a while for its rightful owner to appear. It is our role to guide and assist clients in their journey to find what is right for them. We get to watch clients select items with great joy and it is our hope that once the item is home, they continue to experience that joy each time they view it, or sit on it, or wear it, etc. We often receive photographs back from clients showing their new item in their home -- it is really gratifying.”

– Patrice –

I see a bracelet- crafted by a jeweler who was a professional dancer. It curves and turns into a perfect symbiosis. It feels like a part of her soul exists within the dull golds and deep lavenders. 

“Many of today's artists have been represented by Dovetail since the day we opened 18 years ago, and many more have been added over the years. We look for portfolios that have a strong combination of artistry, craftsmanship, functionality, and quality. Originally starting with California furniture makers, we traveled to shows across the country and were enthralled with the beauty of art glass, fine ceramics, unique jewelry, and other American handcraft. Today, whether it is wood, glass, pottery, silk or something else, each item represents the creativity and skill of a talented American artist and evokes an emotion that can be summed up in a single word -- Wow!”

– Patrice –

Dovetail Collection is a place you stumble upon whether it be after having oysters and champagne next door or when you need it most. It finds you when you are most unsuspecting and brings you peace.

In 2003, my husband Steve and I moved up to Healdsburg, CA, in pursuit of a better quality of life. The slower pace, community focus, and amazing food and wine were irresistible. Since we were leaving tech careers behind, my husband casually asked, "so if we move up here, what are we going to do?" I spontaneously replied, "hey, let's open up a fine woodworking gallery," and at that moment, our fate was sealed. All we needed was a name, a great location, 100+ amazing handcraft and fine woodworking artists, and wonderful clients who appreciate quality, artistry and made in the USA.”

- Patrice -