Making flavors pop

The science behind the scents and tastes that make the wines we love.

Alan from Cartograph Wines met us at his tasting room in town. Here, he took us through the art behind Riesling and demonstrated how a passion for a single grape can create something spectacular. Of course, Riesling is just one wine that Alan and his wife specialize in… their Pinot Noir is equally fascinating and complex. 

Did you know:

  • Riesling has been rocking since the 1400’s in Germany. That’s the first written reference we have to it. 
  • Be careful to not over-chill drier styles of Riesling! Slightly chilled is just fine. 
  • Thanks to its acidity, Riesling benefits from aging even though it’s a white wine.
  • When pairing, Riesling is best with mild cheeses, especially those made from cow’s milk. That way the cheese won’t be so strong as to overpower the wine’s delicate flavor.

… His Riesling truly rocked.