Messages in time

Hunting for hidden reminders of the past at Bella Winery

Imagine being a farmer on this vineyard 70 years ago, the sunshine warms your skin, you’re drinking a cold beer as an after work reward.


Small green leaves have just begun to sprout all over the vineyard. You’ve got a feeling that the Zinfandel is going to be an absolute stunner this year.

You put your beer down in the tree just for safekeeping as you take a well deserved nap.

Fast forward to today. The fashions have changed, the land looks slightly different, but many things remain the same: the sounds of the birds, the warmth of the early summer sun, and the togetherness we feel when enjoying the day over a post-lunch glass of wine.

And the work paid off.

Seventy years later, the Zinfandel is still an absolute stunner.