Rooftop sights

Rooftop vibes

Post afternoon nap, Ben comes to my room, car keys in hand
“Ok are we ready to go?”
“Oh! We’re just going to walk!”
“… what?”
“Yeah! It’s only like 5 minutes away”
“… by car?”
“Nah, man,… by… foot”

You can’t get the LA out of us. We wander down the street and see sundowners enjoying the last rays of light. (Who am I kidding? It’s 6:30 PM and the sun doesn’t even set for another 2 hours.) As we get closer to the Harmon Guest House we hear laughter, ice shakers, and oohs and ahhs. We look up and are struck by silhouettes moving to and fro. We take the elevator to the top of the hotel. Beautiful cherry floors accented by ceiling to floor glass doors give unobstructed views of downtown Healdsburg.



Both referring to the views and also the plates of colorful tapas waltzing around. Ryan Birrier, the manager of the Rooftop Bar, tells us to put everything down, make ourselves comfortable, and not to worry about anything, because he’ll take care of us.

I look down and find myself holding a freshly poured glass of sparkling wine. I take a look around and smile, noticing the decorative fire pits around the rooftop growing warmer and warmer as the sun goes down.