Sounds of the Salumeria

150 years in the making

Peter Seghesio’s craft has been perfected through at least 150 years of family tradition.

It’s a story that takes us from the hills of Italy to the frontiers of the Gold Rush before navigating us to the Journeyman Salumeria in downtown Healdsburg.


Swish, Swish, Swish.

Piece after piece of expertly crafted salumi falls gently into Pete’s awaiting palm. Swish, Swish.
The methodical rhythm is mesmerizing.

Click, whirr, snap.

Pete stops the machine and walks to grab another perfectly wrapped salumi. In one fell swoop, he grabs a butcher’s knife, cuts open the paper to reveal an absolute beauty of a Finnochiona salumi.

Swish, Click, Whirr.

When the machine falls silent, a delicate board of four different types of Salumi emerges. Cathy hastily puts the final touches to the charcuterie board- fresh rosemary and oregano from the garden. She generously pours us a glass of red wine. We all sit together at the counter and begin to chat. With the shop being closed, this private lunch chat feels so exclusive!


Every now and then, we see an unlucky passerby press their nose up to the window to try and catch a glimpse. Cathy laughs and tells me they often have to clean the nose smudges off the glass.

As the afternoon continues, we talk about their family, we look at old photographs of the early days of Journeyman Meat Co, we learn about the traditional method of making Salumi, and, of course, we eat.