The flow of the river

Kayaking with Russian River Adventures

Would it be rude to take a nap on this boat when you’ve done absolutely none of the rowing, and your guide is sitting right behind you? I close my eyes and focus on the sensations around me — the dip of the oar cutting into the water, the gentle rush of the Russian River, a blue heron calls then leaves, and I hear its wings as he decides we’ve gotten too close to him. The sun warms my skin, and I feel the rise and fall of the small dog sitting on my lap.

Let the world drift away

It feels like I can finally breathe, like all the stress of the LA hustle has melted away and let me have a moment to myself. I feel my heart rate slow to a more relaxed rhythm. I trail my fingers in the water and listen to our guide tell us of the surrounding wildlife.

For the first time in a long while,
I have nothing on my agenda but to be still in this moment.