Tropical Medley

An ode to the Pacific and all of the shores she touches

We wander into the Longboard Vineyard Tasting Room just a street or two away from downtown. It sits, unassuming, in a quiet neighborhood with a picnic area in front.


“We’re just chill here.” Heidi says.

Robin, dressed in an Aloha shirt, nods in agreement.

We immediately feel the vibes of the Endless Summer. Squirrely single fin longboards of the 40s and 50s adorn the walls and ceilings. A big wave gun signed by the lads who crushed at Mavericks sits in the “boardroom.” An old surf documentary following the heyday of iconic surfers plays on repeat by the wine counter. 

There’s no pretense here. You show up to Longboard to hang out and take a break from the day with some fantastic wine.

It’s da kine...

Bonus - they love dogs.