What's in a grape?

An in-depth look at the process behind Martorana Winery’s legendary Zinfandel

Gio Martorana, the Winemaker and vineyard manager, hands us a Zinfandel whilst waiting for the last load of grapes to go into the crusher.

The Zinfandel

A perfect accompaniment to an afternoon Provence-style lunch.

Dark purple juice pours from the bottom of the grape crusher

The steel is stained a beautiful subtle purple as the last of the grapes are poured in. It applies a little more pressure than a firm handshake.

The discarded grape stems and skin lay like thousands of tiny raisins

The skins are cold!

They’re also extremely dry! There is no liquid residue at all.

Sometimes a few discarded skins sneak into the juice below.

French Oak barrels give faint tones of spice and vanilla.

Wine is loud!

You can hear the sounds of a second fermentation occurring in the barrels. It sounds like an entire underwater cave ecosystem.

A barrel imparts flavor for approximately 4 years